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Historic Mount Oread

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Chancellor's Residence
The Outlook

After their marriage in 1909, Jabez B. and Elizabeth Watkins bought land that had once belonged to Governor Charles Robinson near Fraser Hall. On this hilltop site they built a twenty-six room 6,179-square foot Colonial Revival style home they called "The Outlook." Guests remember a dark interior with golden oak and elegant oriental décor. Watkins died only a few years after Outlookthe home was finished; his widow often entertained university faculty and student women there.

Upon her death in 1939, Mrs. Watkins willed The Outlook to the University of Kansas to be used as a chancellor's residence, and it became the home of new Chancellor Deane Malott and his wife. Eleanor Malott was very involved with campus beautification, instigating the planting of many flowering trees on campus, as well as landscaping the grounds surrounding the home.

The residence has been renovated, updated and redecorated several times since then, and nearly every chancellor has lived and entertained there.

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Chancellor's Residence
Location: 1532 Lilac Lane

Construction: 1912

Architect: W.J. Mitchell

Contractor: J.T. Constant

Exterior walls: White stucco

Roof: Green clay tile, truncated hip, open walk, three gables, two hooded dormers, cornice brackets, three exterior chimneys

Window surrounds: Stucco lintels, lugsills, two bay windows

Main entry: Engaged columns, two sidelights, decorative trim on flat arch, bracketed balcony

Portico: Two story, semicircular, four ionic columns and railing, bracketed balcony, terraces with stuccoed piers and wooden balustrade extend front and sides